My online readings this week start with this CNN piece. It has some illuminating data on how lockdown measures around the world are behind a rise in domestic violence, restricted access to family-planning services and loss of income, and it ends with this quote from Elena Marbán Castro, a fellow at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health:  

Before we put in a measure, we have to think how it’s going to affect all the people in our society — women, children, minorities, homeless people … this has not happened, the measures have been put in for and by middle-aged men who are not thinking about anyone else.” 

But as so often happens on the Internet, a link in the article led me to an exciting new discovery—a group called the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy.  Their website announces a commitment to “shaking things up,” and it includes some great feminist resources on the pandemic.  I’ll be following this group with interest.  

Next, the Vera Institute of Justice has a new website of resources and information on Immigrant Justice and the COVID-19 Pandemic.  To see more of how NOW is working to Unlock the Future for immigrant women and girls, visit this page.  

And here’s the latest installment from the blog posts NOW staff and interns are writing about the Hulu series, “Mrs. America.”  Another cultural event you may want to join is Women for Afghan Women’s online benefit concert to honor the lives lost and the survivors of the Kabul hospital attack that killed at least 24 mothers, newborns, young children and hospital staff.  You can RSVP at this Facebook page for the concert on May 31st at 8PM.   

Finally, here’s an inspiring audio track in honor of the struggle by Asians in America, called “We are the Children.”   

There’s no lack of sources of inspiration, positivity and affirmation for our feminist values—you just have to look for them.  I hope these weekly messages are a good guidepost for you, and as always, I’m strengthened and gratified by your continued commitment to NOW and NOW’s values.