Stand with NOW: Demand humane treatment for detained immigrants

Thousands of immigrant families are being inhumanely locked away in horrific and immoral detention facilities – and the women and girls among them are suffering the most. Those fleeing to the U.S. are seeking refuge from sexual violence, assault and poverty and they deserve a fair and humane immigration process. 

This administration’s reprehensible treatment of immigrants must be stopped.  NOW demands that detained women and girls have access to vital human needs such as reproductive health care, feminine hygiene products, and mental health care, among other provisions, while in immigration detention prison.

In response, NOW is launching the “Unlock the Future” campaign with a series of rallies and issuing a Bill of Rights for women and girls in detention prisons that will be delivered to top level government officials. Sign the Bill of Rights today and advocate for reform of the current immigration practices and an end to the current detention prison system.

Get involved NOW!

Take Action: NOW has drafted a Bill of Rights that demands detained women and girls have access to vital human needs such as hygiene products, whole woman’s health care and mental health care, among other provisions. Sign it today!

Call your elected officials: JoinNOW in urging members of congress to support of H.R. 3918/S. 2113, the Stop Cruelty to Migrant Children Act which would address many of the issues highlighted in our Bill of Rights. 

Spread the Word: Share the Bill of Rights and use #UnlockTheFuture on your social media pages. Follow NOW on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay connected.

Get Organized: Become a part of the grassroots revolution. NOW is looking for partner organizations to support our efforts including outreach assistance, in-kind support, and connecting with potential speakers and on-the ground contacts. Email for more information  

Rally for Immigrant Rights: Commit to attending a rally and potentially sending a speaker to represent your organization. NOW needs you on the ground to strengthen our movement. The time is NOW – will we see you in San Diego, Houston, and Phoenix. RSVP today!