We’re Still Seeking Justice For Breonna Taylor

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The decision by a Louisville grand jury to indict a single former police officer for endangering Breonna Taylor’s neighbors by recklessly firing his gun during a no-knock raid on her apartment does not end our demand for justice. No one was disciplined—let alone indicted—for her killing.  The grand jury was constrained by Kentucky law and by the tragic circumstances of the police raid, where the officers were judged to have been within their self-defense rights to return fire. Our system is broken – this is not justice.  

But this is not where this story ends.  We join the citizens of Louisville who are marching peacefully and speaking out in protest.  We grieve with the members of Breonna Taylor’s family in mourning her loss. And we stand with Breonna Taylor’s community in demanding that the FBI complete a thorough investigation into whether the officers committed a federal crime, including civil rights violations. 

NOW condemns a culture of police violence that victimizes Black women and puts their lives at risk, every day.  We will not forget Breonna Taylor—and we will continue to say her name as we demand justice. 

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