NOW Demands More Than a Payout for Breonna Taylor

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), and its first Black president in 50 years, I have especially followed the ”Justice for Breonna Taylor movement.  It has been moving to see so many others mobilize, whether they are young activists on social media or major influencers like Oprah Winfrey, to keep this issue at the forefront  

While we applaud the settlement this week of $12 million to the family of Ms. Taylor, we at NOW still demand full justice in this matter. Justice is more than a payout – justice means real action must be taken to hold perpetrators accountable and fix the structural racism within our society that has allowed this to happen in the first place 

All the police officers involved there the night Breonna Taylor was shot several times and killed while sleeping in her bed should be arrested. There still must be a trial. There still must be justice for her, and for all women and girls like Breonna Taylor who have been similarly killed or assaulted through the years, through our history.  

For too long, Black women and girls (including transwomen) have been made to feel devalued, silenced, and held to different standards.  At NOW, we stand in solidarity with movements like Black Girl Freedom Fund and Movement 4 Black Lives that organize to protect and provide resources to these communities.  

NOW believes that the life of Breonna Taylor – and the lives of so many other Black women lost due to our unjust system – matterand we will not stop raising our voices until we see justice. 

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