Unlock the Future for Women and Girls in Immigration Prisons

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Thousands of immigrant families are being inhumanely locked away in horrific and immoral detention facilities – and the women and girls among them are suffering the most. Those fleeing to the U.S. are seeking refuge from sexual violence, assault and poverty and they deserve a fair and humane immigration process. If they are to be held in these prisons, at a minimum, we have an obligation to give them access to vital human needs such as reproductive health care, feminine hygiene products and mental health care, among other provisions. 

“While the ultimate goal must be to unlock the future of women and girls by closing all of the inhumane detention prisons, while they are still in operation detained people must be afforded their human rights,” said National Organization for Women (NOW) President Toni Van Pelt. “We demand that the U.S. reform our immigration practices and end our current detention prison system, instituting instead humane, safe and secure processes for women and girls immediately.” 

In response, NOW is launching the “Unlock the Future” campaign with a series of rallies and issuing a Bill of Rights for women and girls in detention prisons that will be delivered to top level government officials. NOW also urges support of H.R. 3918/S. 2113, the Stop Cruelty to Migrant Children Act which would address many of the issues highlighted in our Bill of Rights. 

Details of the campaign include: 

  • Who: The National Organization for Women, along with our state and local chapters and our partner organizations.
  • What“Unlock the Future” Rallies to demand humane treatment for the women and girls held in immoral immigration prisons: 
  • When/Where: 
    • Oct. 6:  San Diego, Calif. 
    • Nov. 17: Houston, Texas 
    • Dec. 8:    Phoenix, Ariz.
  • More information: Visit Unlock The Future or hashtag #UnlockTheFuture for updates on upcoming events. Read our Bill of Rights for Women and Girls in Immigration Detention Prisons
  • Media Contact: For more information or to attend these upcoming events, please contact press@now.org 

Contact: Kimberly Hayes, Press Secretary, press@now.org, 202 695 8229