SCOTUS Must Stop Trump’s Xenophobia. Protect the Integrity of Our Census; Count Everyone

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Supreme Court heard arguments Monday in a challenge to Donald Trump’s plan to stop the Census Bureau from counting undocumented immigrants in population totals used by each state for congressional reapportionment.   

The Constitution clearly commands that the census count “all persons,” when drawing congressional districts—but Donald Trump wants to enshrine his xenophobia and racism by making the Census whiter and more privileged. This formula would take Congressional seats and funding away from states, particularly those with large immigrant populations, communities that often lack inequitable access to much needed resources because of the inherent structural racism that exists within our society. Exclusion from the Census would have a devastating impact on additional funding for schools, infrastructure, health care, as well as political representation and the opportunity to have their voices heard —just about everything that goes into the lifeblood of our communities.  Every person missed in the count will cost Congressional districts $10,000-$15,000 in federal assistance over the next decade.  

NOW responded to Donald Trump’s horrendously racist and inhumane immigration policies with our “Unlock the Future” campaign, which demanded we restore the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees and ensure them protection from sexual violence, assault, and poverty. This latest attempt to rewrite our laws and discard our principles is just another way the Trump administration continues to treat marginalized communities as less than human; we cannot allow their existence to be erased! 

NOW will always speak out for communities when those in power try to silence them. We call on the Supreme Court to throw out this blatantly racist policy and unlock the future not only for victims of Donald Trump’s immigration policies, but for the millions of undocumented immigrants whose rights must be expanded, not taken away. 

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