Press Releases for 2019

Donald Trump’s Abortion “Gag Rule” Won’t Silence Us

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump hates free speech – particularly when it comes to women’s health – and his administration has issued its long-awaited rule that bars groups that provide abortion care or abortion referrals from receiving federal family planning funds. Defunding providers and denying girls and women access to information about legal medical options has… Read more »

Justice Delayed But Not Denied – the ERA WILL Be Ratified by Virginia in 2020

WASHINGTON – Today, Virginia Republicans are on the wrong side of history, demonstrating a refusal to stand up for equality for women. The Virginia House of Delegates refused to allow a vote by the full House which killed the decades’ long effort in Virginia to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Votes to fast-track a floor… Read more »

Indict R. Kelly For Sexual Assault

WASHINGTON – The truth is finally catching up to R. Kelly, whose music career has become a criminal enterprise centered around the exploitation and abuse of young black girls. He must be brought to justice, now. After the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly detailed the singer’s decades-long pattern of sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual… Read more »

Why We Celebrate Susan B. Anthony On President’s Day

WASHINGTON –  The National Organization for Women (NOW)  has traditionally celebrated Susan B. Anthony’s birthday (February 15, 1820) instead of President’s Day in honor of this advocate of equal rights – including women’s right to vote. Anthony, who was actually arrested for attempting to vote, would be thrilled and probably astounded to learn that on… Read more »

“Women don’t matter to the NFL…”

“Women don’t matter to the NFL, which is rather surprising because they’re a big part of the viewer audience,” said the president of the National Organization For Women.

Pope Francis Must Act Now – Reform on Sexual Abuse is Long Overdue

WASHINGTON – For years, the Catholic Church hierarchy has proven it has no moral authority on issues concerning women. This week, Pope Francis publicly acknowledged for the first time a chronic history of sexual abuse by priests and bishops of nuns, who had been forced to have abortions or give birth to children of these… Read more »

Justin Fairfax Must Resign – NOW Believes Survivors

WASHINGTON – The National Organization for Women (NOW) calls on Justin Fairfax to remove himself from the line of succession by resigning his office.   Dr. Vanessa Tyson has made the brave decision to come forward and reveal in her own words what happened between her and Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax during the 2004… Read more »

Don’t Believe Donald Trump, But Take Him Seriously

WASHINGTON – As Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union speech, he faced the most diverse Congress in history.  Most notably, this included a room filled with women members dressed in white, as Rep. Lois Frankel (D-FL) explained, in a show of solidarity against “Republican attempts to roll back women’s progress.” He repeated his… Read more »

We Trust Women’s Reproductive Decision-Making

“The moral responsibility of decision making [on abortion], at whatever the gestation, should rest with women, their doctors, and their families because only they can know their circumstances and the results of their actions. There is no reason to assume that any higher burden of justification is required than for earlier procedures.” Jon O’Brien, President… Read more »

Ralph Northam Must Resign—Then Comes The Hard Part

WASHINGTON – Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has no choice but to resign following the reveal of a racist photo published on his medical school yearbook page and his inept and insensitive response. But one politician resigning from one office won’t address the structural racism that’s still infecting our society. Ralph Northam’s early embrace of racist… Read more »