Cuomo’s Pattern of Sexual Harassment Has Been Revealed – He Must Resign NOW

WASHINGTON, D.C. — NY Attorney General Letitia James is right.  We have an obligation to listen to women, protect women and hold accountable men who sexually harass and abuse women. In March 2021, NOW called for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign and the investigation into his misconduct to move forward.  

NY Attorney General James’ investigation revealed a shocking pattern of sexual misconduct – not isolated incidents – that is even more extensive than we knew. This includes grooming, unwanted touch, inappropriate comments and sexually charged behavior.  

According to the report, Cuomo sexually abused and harassed the women who worked for him and created a toxic workplace culture that enabled harassment and was rife with fear and intimidation. The findings are clear – Andrew Cuomo is unfit to lead. 

NOW salutes the brave women who told their truth to investigators. There must be consequences.  NOW supports ongoing civil action against Andrew Cuomo, or any criminal referrals that may emerge from this report.  Andrew Cuomo has forfeited any right to call himself a leader—he needs to leave, now. 

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