NOW Calls on Governor Andrew Cuomo to Resign

WASHINGTON, D.C. — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo must resign. He is unfit to serve as the leader of his state for another day. The National Organization for Women (NOWstands with the brave women who have shared the abuse they suffered at the hands of Andrew Cuomo. They came forward despite a society that favors the accused over the accuser – particularly if they are in positions of power 

This situation didn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s a direct product of a culture that enables – and rewards – systemic toxic masculinity. Women continue to underreport cases while those that get reported are not believed or not investigated with due process. It’s bigger than any one predator, and it’s bigger than any one political party. At NOW, we are working to empower a new generation of female leaders to dismantle this oppressive behavior and reframe it as a characteristic of the past. But to move forward, we must hold those who abuse their power to account.  

NOW supports a fair and independent investigation, so that the voices of the courageous women who have come forward are respectedAndrew Cuomo must resign and the investigation into his misconduct must move forward 


NOW joins our New York NOW chapter in supporting a full and thorough investigation. Excerpt from NY NOW President Sonia Ossorio statement below: 

“As women, listening to these firsthand accounts is like a punch in the gut. It’s all too familiar – because most of us – at one time or another – have encountered this feeling – of being diminished, of being sexualized, of being put into an uncomfortable situation by an inappropriate word or touch. This behavior cannot be tolerated in any workplace, much less in the halls of our state Capitol by those entrusted to set the standard and the laws for all of us.” 

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