Membership Information

Membership Guidelines for Chapters

Review these handy guidelines to understand how NOW’s membership process works! Included in this document are instructions about collecting dues, sending memberships to National NOW, becoming eligible for rebates and more.

Membership Forms

Printing Membership Labels

Download two documents: 1) Template for Labels, and 2) Instructions for Printing Membership Labels,  showing how to print membership labels.

How to do the Monthly Roster Process

 Membership Application Form

Click on the link above to view and print pre-made membership forms. These are great when you are tabling at an event, to have at chapter meetings, or just print them out and keep a few on hand – you never know when you might meet a potential NOW member!

 Chapter Affiliation Transfer Form

Looking to add existing NOW members to your chapter? For small requests, email For transfers of more than 15 people, use the above form.

 Confirm Membership

If you wish to verify your membership with NOW for upcoming local meetings, State or National Conferences, but have misplaced your membership card or have not received a new membership card to confirm your most recent renewal, use the above form. You can also opt to have a new card mailed to you.

Processing Dues Online

You can submit chapter membership information online if you have access to a chapter credit card. This saves time at the post office and money on postage.

How to Give a Gift Membership

Give a NOW membership to friends and family. Gift memberships are a great way to introduce someone to NOW and help secure equality and fair treatment for all women.

This allows Chapter leaders and other members to purchase a membership for those who would like to join.

Other Helpful Links:

For members who would like to join NOW they can be directed to:

For members who would like to renew their membership with NOW they can be directed to:

Has a member moved, changed their phone number or email address and want to update their information? They can update their information here.

Need a listing to find State or local chapters? This link provides an extensive listing of active chapters.