A year ago, none of us could have predicted just how devastating this pandemic would become. It has pulled back the curtain and shone an even brighter spotlight on entrenched social and economic inequities, particularly for BIWOC, Latinx, trans, gender non-conforming and immigrant populations. While these communities were and continue to be overrepresented in industries that were hardest hit by the pandemic and face deep repercussions, the lasting impact on women, in general, will affect us for generations.  

That’s why NOW and Black Women’s Blueprint, along with our special guests, Executive Deputy Commissioner at the New York State Department of Health Lisa Pino and President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center Fatima Goss Graves, are convening a listening session tomorrow on COVID’s lasting impact on women.  

We need to tell the untold stories and uplift the experiences of women who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. We need to listen to all of these voices so we understand how we can truly be part of the solution. NOW members can help build a robust feminist agenda that centers women of color, immigrants and marginalized communities to ensure they have the resources they need for a full recovery from COVID-19.  

Please register for this session by clicking here

In the week since the inauguration, President Biden and Vice President Harris have made clear that their priorities are our priorities.  This article from the 19th News reports on the new White House Gender Policy Council that will focus on “uplifting the rights of girls and women” and restoring the country as a “champion for women and girls.”   

Speaking of the inauguration, two images have stayed with me this past week. NOW’s good friend Rep. Barbara Lee wore her mentor and lifelong friend Shirley Chisholm’s pearls.  Shirley Chisholm was an early supporter of NOW, and she received NOW’s first presidential endorsement.  

We stand on her shoulders as she continues to inspire new generations of feminists—like the electrifying and inspiring poet Amanda Gorman.  I will never forget her performance, and I look forward to her presidential campaign in 2036!  Here’s a link to her majestic poem and to her TED talks

Now is the time for all of us to remember and hold on tight to the values and goals we share as we face the continuing crises that finally are being addressed by our leaders.  I hope you can join us tomorrow for our important listening session, and that you’ll also tune into future events in this series