Under the Trump Administration these past four years, the bold advances that women have made over the past decades, particularly those of our Black, Indigenous, Women of Color, Latinx, trans, and gender non-conforming relatives, have come under threat of regressing. We know the first 100 days are crucial in setting the tone and establishing priorities for any administration. This is why during this time, the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Black Women’s Blueprint will be bringing these voices to the forefront as part of a listening and discussion series, to share the issues that matter most to us – and the issues we need the Biden-Harris Administration to prioritize as part of a feminist agenda. 

Our communities have been healing from centuries of oppression and are no longer  willing to be silenced or ignored. This series will serve as a space where our  intersectional and radical feminism can live in action, and where we can come together,  share ideas and perspectives, and make an impact on the legislation and policies we  want to see moving forward.

“100 Days of a Feminist Agenda: Healing from Centuries of Oppression – Our Work is  Not Done Yet” — A listening and discussion series co-hosted by NOW and Black Women’s   Blueprint throughout the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris Administration and beyond.

The series kicked off with an inaugural session on Thursday, January 28. See upcoming session dates and discussion topics below, as well as past events with session recordings.

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Upcoming Listening Sessions

April 22 – Katrina, Maria, & Sandy: Climate Justice is a Feminist Issue

The climate crisis is a global problem that has many direct effects on our daily lives. Extreme weather conditions, environmental pollution, and food accessibility, all impact our families and communities. But not all communities are impacted equally. Data shows that factors like race, gender, and economics can determine who bears the brunt of this rapidly intensifying disaster and women, especially women of color will struggle the most. Women are the caretakers of their communities and the effects of climate change make them even more vulnerable to the patriarchal systems in place – immediately after natural disasters, like Hurricane Maria and Katrina, reporting shows that women faced an uptick in gender based violence and harassment.    

The U.S. is no stranger to public health crises due to environmental misconduct – from the Flint water catastrophe that left poor, mostly Black families without water and dangerously high levels of lead in their blood, to Indigenous women whose breast milk is poisoned by pollution. And when extreme weather events occur, like the recent tornado in Alabama or the flooding in Hawaii, women, especially trans women, are afraid to sleep in evacuation centers amplifying how women live at the intersection of the climate crisis and patriarchy.

Further conversation and action around climate justice that centers feminist solutions and federal policy are essential in fighting climate change. Join us for our climate justice conversation in our 100 Days of a Feminist Agenda series. This conversation will explore climate justice as a feminist issue and highlight climate activism.

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May 6 – Addressing the Femicide: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

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Past Listening Sessions

January 28 – 323 Days of COVID: The Lasting Impact on Women

February 11 – The Unspoken Impact of Police Brutality against BIWOC, TGNC & Latinx Communities

February 25 – A Holistic Approach to Equitable Reproductive Healthcare

March 11 – Gender Equality As the Law of the Land – The Work to Pass the ERA

March 25 – Economic Justice – We Are Not Percentages of a Dollar: Solutions for Equal Pay Every Day

April 8 – Amplifying LGBTQIA+ Activism and Uplifting the Pursuit for Equality and Fundamental Rights