NOW Supports the Strengthening Social Security Act of 2016

Women are especially vulnerable to financial insecurity during their retirement years. After a lifetime spent working for lower wages than men, often in jobs without pensions or retirement savings accounts, many rely on Social Security for support.

Social Security at 80: Lessons Learned

As the richest country in the world at the wealthiest moment in its history, the United States can afford a greatly expanded Social Security, while also greatly increasing spending on children, infrastructure, and other pressing needs. The issue is one of values and priorities. The choice is ours.

The Social Security Trust Fund Is Strong

A strong and expanded Social Security system is essential to meet the looming retirement income crisis facing millions of U.S. families. NOW calls on Congress to pass legislation expanding benefits and lifting the cap on the payroll tax so that all wage earners pay their fair share into the system. These simple measures would improve the economic security of millions of people while also guaranteeing solvency for these programs for 75 years and beyond.