NOW President Christian F. Nunes urges DC City Council to stop ‘Cyberflashing’

Statement by National NOW President Christian F. Nunes  WASHINGTON– As part of the National Organization for Women’s advocacy to protect women against stalking, sexual harassment and sexual assault, NOW National President Christian F. Nunes testified Wednesday in favor of a proposed District of Columbia policy that would empower women against “cyberflashing.” Cyberflashing occurs when unwanted Read more …

Deshaun Watson set to make Browns debut in Houston; accusers to attend game

Christian F. Nunes, the president of the National Organization for Women, said in a statement: “If it is truly serious about change, the NFL must address the endemic misogyny that enables and rewards serial predators like Watson. Fines and suspensions are performative, empty, short-term penalties designed to protect the bottom line more than women’s lives. While Watson’s return to the field may signal a return to the status quo for many, we cannot allow these women’s voices, nor the traumas they have experienced to be forgotten.”