NOW Condemns the Unjust Execution of Lisa Montgomery

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The middle-of-the-night execution of Lisa Montgomery, hastened by the rush-to-execute mandate of Donald Trump’s Justice Department, was a shock to our system of fairness, justice, and decency.  In any other week, it would have been the worst imaginable example of such desecration.  Donald Trump’s abuse of power corrupts everything he touches, and Read more …

Nursing Home Abuse Is The Health Care Story You Should be Following

“Last month, the federal government signaled its intention to roll back protections critical to the health, safety and welfare of vulnerable nursing home residents. The rule they want to eliminate bans the use of pre-dispute arbitration agreements. These agreements require older adults, people with disabilities and their families to waive their rights to the judicial system before a dispute even arises. Then, any dispute, even abuse or neglect, and regardless of how egregiously they’ve been harmed, is forced into secretive arbitration proceedings.”

Misogyny Is At The Core Of Trumpcare

The U.S. has the highest maternal death rate of any developed country. Senate Republicans are intent on passing legislation that would increase the cost of pregnancy and prenatal care for all women, increase the cost of not getting pregnant, and increase costs for pre-existing conditions unique to women, without a single hearing or consulting any outside experts.