Wisconsin Declares Ban on Same-Sex Marriage is Unconstitutional

Image courtesy of www.freedomtomarry.org
Image courtesy of www.freedomtomarry.org

On Friday, June 6 a federal judge ruled Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

“I conclude that the Wisconsin laws prohibiting marriage between same-sex couples interfere with plaintiffs’ right to marry, in violation of the due process clause, and discriminate against plaintiffs on the basis of sexual orientation, in violation of the (Constitution’s) equal protection clause,” said U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb.

Between the time the ruling was announced Friday and Saturday morning, 283 same-sex couples in Wisconsin’s two largest cities obtained marriage licenses.

Although there are many states with anti-gay amendments in existence, in just the past year there has been major progress in the fight for marriage equality.

Since the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in June 2013, there have been 14 federal rulings against state marriage bans.

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