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In Honor of International Women’s Day, NOW Stands with Our Sisters in Saudi Arabia

By Jihane Bergaoui and Jan Erickson The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long enjoyed a strategically fruitful relationship with the United States. In return for providing the U.S. with a geo-politically important Arab ally in the Middle East, and a significant economic and energy partner, Saudi Arabia has benefited from a complete lack of accountability… Read more »

Marissa Alexander Out of Jail – But is She Really Free?

After over four years of legal battles, Marissa Alexander was finally released from jail last week.  For those of you who haven’t been following Marissa’s story, the Florida mother of three was arrested in 2010 on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after defending herself from her estranged husband, with whom she had… Read more »

Women’s groups blast NFL’s new personal conduct policy

Women’s advocacy groups on Thursday excoriated NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s changes to the league’s personal conduct policy, saying it does not do enough to help victims and hold players who commit domestic violence accountable. “It’s an exercise in public relations,” National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill told Reuters. “Roger Goodell’s idea of leadership is… Read more »

How Roger Goodell’s Blind Side Shattered the NFL’s Reputation

Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women, writes in an article for Time about the NFL, Roger Goodell, and Ray Rice. She challenges the victim blaming, manipulation of law enforcement, and misleading of the public in the aftermath of the latest domestic violence case within the NFL  community.

Janay Rice calls out Roger Goodell, says Ray Rice ‘told the honest truth’

“Roger Goodell’s failed leadership strikes again,” said a statement from NOW President Terry O’Neill. “NOW has been saying all along that the NFL doesn’t have a Ray Rice problem, it has a violence against women problem. “An independent judge has called Goodell’s leadership an ‘admitted failure,’ and NOW could not agree more.” O’Neill, who has… Read more »

Ray Rice wins suspension appeal, immediately reinstated

The National Organization for Women again called for Goodell’s resignation and an independent investigation into the NFL’s response to domestic violence incidents. “Instead of listening to the multiple domestic violence experts that have approached Goodell throughout his tenure,” NOW President Terry O’Neill said in a statement, “he continues to diminish, evade, and deny the realities… Read more »