RFRA Laws Undermine Child Protection, DV and Civil Rights Laws

Indiana RFRA Law Inadequately Revised: You may have heard about the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (IRFRA), that many believe attempts to weaken progress the country has made towards equality. Disguised as a law to protect the freedom to exercise religion, the LGBTQIA issues with the original IRFRA have shown the country an even larger Read more …

Supreme Court Pregnancy Discrimination Case: Young v UPS

Peggy Young, a former employee of UPS, became pregnant in 2006 and was instructed by her doctor to not lift more than 20 pounds. Her normal duties at UPS, consisting mostly of delivering letters, very rarely required her to lift anything heavier than 20 pounds. However, UPS forced her to take unpaid leave as she was “too much of a liability” and she had to go without her employer-sponsored health insurance while pregnant. Other employees, those with disabilities, people with on-the-job injuries and even employees who had lost their commercial drivers’ licenses as a result of DUI convictions, received “light duty,” which was an accommodation UPS refused to provide Peggy Young.

Supreme Court Health Insurance Coverage Case: King v. Burwell

Only 13 states set up a state-facilitated Health Exchange in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), leaving 37 states with a federally-facilitated Health Exchange. Health Exchanges are where individuals and families can apply to receive health insurance coverage under the ACA and where many can also qualify for subsidies via tax credits to help pay premiums. If the Supreme Court decides “wrongly” (in our view) in King v. Burwell, some eight to 10 million persons would likely lose their health insurance in these states because many would lose the subsidies that have made their insurance affordable.

#RealPay and Inclusive Feminism

NOW’s #RealPay campaign was meant to draw attention to how race affects the gender pay gap, but it was also meant to highlight what “mainstream” feminist discourse has been struggling with for decades: inclusion.