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154 House Republicans Tell Sick Kids ‘Get Lost.’ NOW President Kim Gandy says ‘Back at You!’

NOW President Kim Gandy says of the House vote that failed to override President Bush’s SCHIP veto: “NOW decries the cruelty of denying the most basic health care to children whose parents cannot afford health insurance. The 156 House members — 154 Republicans and two Democrats – who voted against the override have let down not only the vulnerable children of this nation, but also put an undue burden on single parents and low-income families who can only pray their children do not get sick or hurt.”

The National Organization for Women Foundation Celebrates Love Your Body Day’s 10 Year Anniversary

October 18 marks the tenth anniversary of the National Organization for Women Foundation’s Annual Love Your Body Day (LYBD). For the past ten years, the Love Your Body Campaign has promoted healthy body images for women and girls through creative actions and consumer education. The campaign calls for women and girls to be in control of what makes them feel healthy and comfortable with their bodies, on their own terms and not based on unrealistic images promoted by advertisers and the mass media.

National NOW Conference Opens in Detroit, Celebrates Women Taking Charge

NOW is proud to open its national conference in Detroit, Michigan on July 13. The last National NOW Conference in the Motor City was 30 years ago, and women have gained much ground during that time. With the inspiration of thrilling speakers, the wide range of exhilarating workshops, and the energy of women nationwide hungry for change, this year’s NOW conference is sure to make a lasting impact on the struggle for women’s equality.

House Passes Bill to Advance Lifesaving Stem Cell Research

In a 247-176 bipartisan vote, the House today passed a bill that would allow federal funding of stem cell research utilizing donated human embryos. “Women are the majority of family caregivers, and the heartbreak of having a loved one with a debilitating illness and the related burden of their care could both be lifted with this bill,” said NOW President Kim Gandy.

Roe v. Wade at 34: A Pillar of Reproductive Freedom

Today marks the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that recognized a woman’s constitutional right to abortion. The National Organization for Women, the first women’s organization to call for an end to criminal abortion laws nearly 40 years ago, and a leader in the ongoing fight for reproductive rights, health and justice, salutes the doctors, counselors, clinic owners and activists who stand up every day for a woman’s right to make her own childbearing decisions.