I Stand With Planned Parenthood Because It Helps So Many Stand for Themselves

By Marandah Field-Elliot, Government Relations Intern I have always been a paranoid person. A lock-the-doors-twice, never-even-think-of-trespassing, glass-of-water-between-drinks-at-a-party type of person. So, one Tuesday when I forgot to take my daily birth control until three hours past I was supposed to, I saw a life of teenage pregnancy flash before my eyes — my impending college Read more …

Lindsay Graham’s Anti-Woman, Anti-Life Agenda

By forcing clinics to close and denying urgent abortion care to women, the court ruling and Senator Graham’s grandstanding amount to an unprecedented promotion of an anti-woman, anti-life agenda. Shame on Senator Graham for adding an abortion-ban primary to the election calendar.

Religion Is No Excuse For Discrimination

The House voted today to block a law that was passed by the elected representatives of the District of Columbia—the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act—that is designed to ensure that D.C. residents are not subject to religious discrimination because of their reproductive health care decisions.