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House Passes Bill to Honor Woman Suffragist Leader Alice Paul with the Congressional Gold Medal

Today the House of Representatives recognized Alice Paul for her role in winning women’s suffrage by passing legislation to award her the Congressional Gold Medal. Paul was one of the leading figures responsible for the passage of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote and penned the early version of the Equal Rights Amendment that would enshrine women in the Constitution. This long overdue honor recognizes Alice Paul as one of the great women in history for her work to promote women’s rights, freedom and equality.

Women Deliver on Super Tuesday

Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and chair of the NOW PAC, and Eleanor Smeal, co-chair of the NOW Advisory Board, comment on the Super Tuesday results. “The women’s vote carried Hillary Clinton to victory in delegate-rich states that will put her ahead in the ultimate delegate count. Her historic race has energized the gender gap, which is key because women make up the majority of voters in the general election,” said Kim Gandy.

On Women’s Equality Day We Ask, “Is This What Equality Looks Like?”

Thanks to the leadership of great women who have organized, demanded change, and fought for their rights, today’s women have more opportunities than ever in education and employment, more economic freedom and reproductive options, and a better future for themselves and their families. But many of those gains are threatened.

So in celebrating Women’s Equality Day 2007, we should pause and ask, “Is this what equality looks like?”

National NOW Conference Opens in Detroit, Celebrates Women Taking Charge

NOW is proud to open its national conference in Detroit, Michigan on July 13. The last National NOW Conference in the Motor City was 30 years ago, and women have gained much ground during that time. With the inspiration of thrilling speakers, the wide range of exhilarating workshops, and the energy of women nationwide hungry for change, this year’s NOW conference is sure to make a lasting impact on the struggle for women’s equality.

NOW Political Action Committee Proudly Endorses Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States in 2008

NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy says, “NOW PAC’s ‘Make History With Hillary’ campaign will organize and energize women’s rights supporters across the country — urging women and men across this nation to stand up and say “I’m Ready” for a woman president — for this woman president.”

NOW Political Action Committee to Make 2008 Election Announcement

The National Organization for Women Political Action Committee will mark Women’s History Month with a press conference at the landmark Sewall-Belmont House, historic home of the National Women’s Suffrage Association, on Wednesday, March 28. NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy and a special guest will make a major announcement regarding the 2008 election.

NOW Applauds Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Candidacy for U.S. President

The National Organization for Women (NOW) celebrates Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign announcement as a proud moment for women everywhere. Reflecting the dreams of suffragists at Seneca Falls in 1848 and the vision of NOW’s founders 40 years ago, this weekend Clinton became the first woman ever to enter the race for U.S. president as the clear frontrunner for a major party’s nomination.