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The Passing of an Icon

Yesterday, the world lost writer and activist Maya Angelou. Her work forced a country to recognize the intersections of race and gender, played out in the life of one extraordinary woman.

In Maryland governor’s race, Mizeur criticizes Brown plan to help women as ‘lip service’

Maryland NOW has endorsed Del. Heather Mizeur, D-Montgomery, in the race for the Maryland governorship. Both Maryland NOW and Mizeur condemn her opponent Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown’s “Strong Women, Strong Maryland” initiative. “Anthony Brown’s plan is little more than political rhetoric designed to pander to women voters,” Maryland NOW PAC President Sara Wilkinson said. If… Read more »

Honoring More Women from U.S. History

Of the 100 sculptures (two per state) in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall, only 10 are of women, seven of whom are white. A statue of Rosa Parks was unveiled on Feb. 27, introducing the first full-body statue of an African American woman. Two other statues, depicting Sacagawea and Sarah Winnemucca, are of Native American women.