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Hobby Lobby Case: ‘About Labor Rights and Religious Extremism, Not Birth Control’

“If people have to go outside their insurance plan to pay for birth control, that’s a healthcare issue, it’s an economic issue and it’s a workers’ rights issue.”–Chitra Panjabi, Membership Vice President of NOW. Read more from Chitra on how Hobby Lobby’s corporate claims come at the expense of workers’ rights.

Will Military Sexual Assault Survivors Find Justice? (Issue Advisory)

Printable PDF March 19, 2014 This document was produced by the NOW Foundation. The U.S. Senate turned back legislation offered by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand that would assign sexual assault cases to specially trained military prosecutors, removing them from the chain of command. Gillibrand’s bill, The Military Justice Improvement Act – S. 1752, had the support… Read more »

Super Bowl Ads Promote Sexist Attitudes, Offensive Behavior

By now, Super Bowl ad watchers have grown accustomed to GoDaddy producing one of the most shamelessly exploitative commercials every year. The internet company faithfully uses blatant sexual come-ons involving well-known women to brew up controversy before the game and draw viewers onto its website afterward.