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Is Obama Pro-Choice?

Abortion rights supporters cheered when President Obama lifted the Global Gag Rule during his first week in office, allowing international family planning service providers to reinstate funding lost during the Bush era. But from that first week we appear to have slipped into a period of more restriction on abortion rights, not less.

Health Care Reform and Women: Birth Control 0, Sex Discrimination 1

Curiously, the omission of contraceptive coverage also flies in the face of the government’s own data on the return on investment shown within the longstanding Medicaid program. Of women who use Medicaid, every dollar that has been spent helping them avoid unwanted pregnancies has saved $3.74 on medical expenses that would have been needed.

States Moving Forward to Outlaw Inhuman Practice of Shackling Pregnant Women

Shackling of pregnant women is an alarming trend in United States’ prisons. Only six states in the U.S. have laws expressly condemning the practice. The Pennsylvania legislature recently introduced an anti-shackling bill that received unanimous approval in the Judiciary Committee, and Washington state has a proposed bill hopefully being introduced soon. As more women are being incarcerated as a result of increasingly harsh drug laws, the number of pregnant women in prison has also increased, making shackling an even more pressing issue.

Scott Roeder, Focus on the Family and the Super Bowl

The 37th anniversary of the Roe decision took place just days after CBS violated its own policy of turning down socially controversial ads to accept Focus on the Family’s anti-abortion rights spot (suspiciously, CBS would later announce a change in policy after accepting the ad). Jan. 22 was also the opening day of Scott Roeder’s trial for the murder of Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider in Wichita, Kansas. NOW, Feminist Majority, National Abortion Federation, and others tracking anti-abortion violence recognize Dr. Tiller’s murder as domestic terrorism.

Victory! Crisis Pregnancy Centers Regulation Passes in Montgomery County, Md.

In November of last year NOW posted a blog piece about legislation in Montgomery County (Md.) that would address Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) and their practice of spreading misleading information about contraceptives and abortion services. NOW is happy to report that the regulation, introduced by Council member (and longtime NOW member) Duchy Trachtenberg, has been approved by the Montgomery County Council with a 7-2 vote.