Use these tweets on Tuesday, June 20: Social Media Blitz day!

I’m participating in Lobby Day with @NationalNOW on reproductive justice & freedom. #WeekofActionNOW2023

I’m supporting @NationaNOW in their #ReproductiveJustice efforts! We must think bigger and bolder about the courts. #WeekofActionNOW2023

It’s because of politics, not medical safety, that abortion access is restricted across the US. I’m reclaiming my power and working with @NationaNOW for safe abortions. #WeekofActionNOW2023

Our right to abortion is under attack across the US. @NationaNOW supports self-managed abortions with safe, effective abortion pills. This is what autonomy looks like. Stay informed. #WeekofActionNOW2023

.@NationaNOW and I support abortions on Demand and without apology!  #WeekofActionNOW2023

I support reproductive justice & freedom – that includes access to safe and legal abortions! @NationaNOW #WeekofActionNOW2023