‘There is rarely, if ever, justice’: Advocates and survivors seethe after Cosby is freed

Original Article:
Published in The 19th by Candice Norwood on June 30, 2021

Christian F. Nunes, president of National Organization for Women, said agreements like these can be made in sexual assault cases without consideration for the humanity of those of have suffered. She added that the issue is bigger than Cosby and speaks to the additional steps that need to be taken to better protect all survivors: women, LGBTQ+ people and men….

Actions supported by activists include increased funding for services allocated for crime victims and the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women’s Act that was passed in the House in March, but has not yet received a vote from the Senate.

Nunes said she is hopeful that outrage over the ruling on Cosby will further push activists and survivors to push for stronger protections and services.