Experts say disaster relief plans need to center women as hurricane season approaches

Original Article:
Published in 19th News by Fellow: Zaria Howell on June 4, 2021

Natural disasters have a disproportionate effect on women’s health and earnings.  President Biden’s preparation funds should be spent with that in mind, several groups said.

In anticipation of hurricane season, experts like Christian Nunes, president of the National Organization for Women, say Biden needs to orient natural disaster policy and government budgets around the needs of women, who are among the most vulnerable when it comes to climate change and a warming planet. 

“When women are displaced due to these disasters, they’re put at more risk for harassment and violence. This is a direct impact in contributing to why we see women having more risk of PTSD, as well as other anxiety and acute distress disorders,” Nunes said.

“They’re not only dealing with the traumatic experience of the crisis, they’re also having to deal with other factors that are affecting them in their communities,” she continued.