We are just a few weeks away from the start of NOW’s 100 Days to the 100th suffrage centennial countdown! While we certainly want to lift up this iconic moment in history, we also must recognize that although the 19th amendment extended the right to vote for women, it did not bring full access to the voting booth for many women of color and egregious forms of voter suppression continue to this day.  

In May, during our 100-day countdown to the centennial, we will highlight women in the suffragist movement who are often overlooked, especially women of color such as Hallie Quinn Brown, Anna Julia Cooper, and Ida B. Wells, as well as present-day sheroes who are still marching for voting rights. We will also feature historic events, speeches and other milestones in the movement.  

In addition to historical figures, we want you to call attention to the women and allies in your communities, including: 

  • People from the LGBTQIA+ community and disabled community who are/were voting rights activists. 
  • People who worked against Jim Crow laws and the racist efforts to keep Black voters from the ballot box, including literacy tests, poll taxes and other forms of voter suppression. 
  • People working to restore voting rights for felons. 
  • Mass voting drive organizers and those who defend against racially motivated gerrymandering and expand access to advanced voting. 

We also want to hear your stories: What does the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment mean to you? What do you see as challenges going forward for voting rights? 
Please submit your suggestions for women to highlight and your answers to these important questions on our Wufoo form here by Friday, April 24th. Your answers may be featured in our upcoming social media campaign! 

We also encourage you to read this issue of the National Women’s History Alliance Women Win the Vote Newsletter for inspiration and information on activities going on around the country.  
Together, we will recognize this major milestone in women’s rights and forge a path to a future that sees truly accessible voting and representation for all women. Submit your answers today!