Join us on June 18th, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm ET. RSVP here to attend.

We are hosting our 5th annual Racial Justice Summit this year under the theme “Demanding Racial Equity NOW!” Amidst post-pandemic stress, economic uncertainty, and ongoing attacks on civil and women’s rights, this event will address pressing issues facing BIPOC communities.   

Key topics include voter suppression, equal access to government, inequities in education and BIPOC athletics for girls/women, and the impact of overturning Roe v Wade. From a feminist, intersectional perspective, NOW’s distinguished keynote speakers and two panels will delve into these topics. Engaging in discussions with thought leaders and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds will drive meaningful dialogue on racial justice. Join us to push back against challenges and advocate for a truly more “united” United States with opportunity and equity for all. 

Keynote Speakers

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Panel Speakers

Equity for the BIPOC Athlete- a discovery into the experience of the mental, physical, and financial life of the BIPOC (girl/woman) athlete 

Title IX has significantly impacted women and girls of color in sports, spanning from amateur to professional levels. It has increased their access and participation in sports programs, providing valuable opportunities for personal development and youth empowerment. The pathway to collegiate sports has been opened through Title IX, offering scholarship opportunities and increasing representation in college sports programs. This has contributed to diverse and competitive athletic teams. Additionally, Title IX has facilitated the transition from amateur to professional sports for women of color, with many becoming successful professional athletes and serving as powerful role models. Despite progress, challenges such as intersectional barriers and disparities persist, necessitating ongoing efforts to promote equity, advocacy, and inclusivity in sports for women and girls of color.

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Burden of Roe – an exploration into how our healthcare system impacts women of color as it relates to Roe v. Wade 

The impact of Roe v. Wade was profound, legalizing abortion and affirming individuals’ reproductive rights, health, safety, and social and economic empowerment. However, the overturning of Roe v. Wade has resulted in the loss of reproductive rights, health risks from unsafe procedures, disproportionate impacts on marginalized communities, and challenges to broader healthcare access and legal precedent. This panel will examine the impacts of the reversal of this landmark legislation. 

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