Where to Invade Next – A New Film by Michael Moore that Promotes the ERA

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Where to Invade Next – A New Film by Michael Moore that Promotes the ERA

Dec. 11, 2015

Even though documentary film maker and Academy Award winner Michael Moore said after he finished his last film, Capitalism, A Love Story (2009), that he was through with making movies – he apparently didn’t mean it. And it is a good thing for us. Where to Invade Next, is the tongue-in-cheek title of this funny and ironic documentary which makes the case for empowering women and bringing back to the U.S. our original ideas which have helped Europeans flourish. The film opens nationwide on February 12.

Restoring a Prosperous and Hopeful Nation – Moore went looking for America’s best ideas in Europe and he found many of them alive and well – even though most have long since disappeared from the American scene. Humane working environments that respect worker input, wages and salaries that support a middle class lifestyle, paid parental leave and paid vacations for all, primary and secondary education geared to student needs and not to standardized tests, a no tuition college education, nutritious and appealing school lunches, no laws against drug abuse, no capital punishment, rehabilitation for prisoners, and many more policies what would restore prosperity and hope in this country. Moore points out that taxation in the countries he visited isn’t dramatically higher than it is in the U.S. – contrary to right-wingers’ propaganda.

A major conclusion of film is that countries need to put women in charge, and he demonstrates the point by what happened in Iceland when male bankers wrecked that nation’s economy. The woman-owned bank did not fail and the male bankers are now in jail. Iceland has had a succession of women in top government positions for several decades now.

Plan to Screen Movie in Your Town – Moore makes a strong pitch for adoption of the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S. The film is a great testament to the importance of empowering women and NOW urges our activists to consider scheduling a screening of the film at a local theater before its nationwide opening on Feb. 12. You can join with allies in making those arrangements and promoting the screening. Showing the film in a state capital and inviting lawmakers would be especially useful.

Several NOW staff members attended a viewing of the movie at the Capitol Visitor Center this past week, followed by a panel discussion with NOW President Terry O’Neill, ERA Coalition President Jessica Neuwirth, National Congress of Black Women President E. Fay Williams Esq. and Michael Moore, writer, producer and director. The viewing at the Capitol was arranged by Rep. Jackie Speier (D- Calif.) who is the prime sponsor of the Equal Rights Amendment (H.J. Res.51) which would remove ratification deadline from the 1972 amendment so that when three more states ratify the federal ERA, it becomes part of the U.S. Constitution.

Your Contact for the Film – Here’s who you can contact to help secure the film, Picture Motion, and aid in the logistics and promotion of the screening: Darcy Heusel at darcy@picture_motion.com and (646)-649-4417. If Darcy isn’t immediately available, ask for Julie Kohn, julie@picture_motion.com at the same main phone number. They are based in New York City and are most eager to help promote screenings of this wonderful film. Here’s where you can watch a trailer of the film, http://wheretoinvadenext.com .