Rep. Justin Harris Wants to Make It Harder for Teenage Rape Survivors to Get Abortions

Amanda Marcotte writes for Reality Check: “There’s also a deeper irony in this story. Harris felt entitled to say ‘no thank you’ to raising two little girls, after he had asked for them, overruled people’s reported objections to adopting them, and finalized the adoption—all because he and his wife realized after the fact that they were in over their heads. But while he reserved the ability to say ‘no’ to parenthood after making all these commitments, he wants to begrudge women who are saying ‘no’ responsibly, by doing it before they have a baby and before someone else has come to depend on them, of the same right. This isn’t even ‘abortion for me and not for thee.’ Harris, as a mighty patriarch, wants to put his personal comfort before the needs of actual human beings who require care, all while demanding that women sacrifice their own well being for people that don’t even exist yet.”