Cuccinelli Donated to Groups That Tell Women Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

Molly Redden writes for Mother Jones: “Ken Cuccinelli, the conservative attorney general of Virginia and the Republican candidate for governor in this November’s election, has filed a summary of his tax returns showing that he donated thousands of dollars in the past four years to crisis pregnancy centers, the controversial facilities that counsel pregnant women against abortions. Abortion rights advocates have criticized crisis pregnancy centers for showing women graphic simulations of abortions, providing medical misinformation, and opening offices near abortion providers in the hopes that women will confuse the two. At one of the centers Cuccinelli supported, staff told women that abortion increases their chance of breast cancer and that abortion will “haunt” them for the rest of their lives. At another Cuccinelli-backed center, employees falsely told a New York Times reporter that Margaret Sanger, an early advocate for legal abortion, was a Nazi sympathizer.”