Fifty years ago, we stood on the Supreme Court stairs and demanded our right to abortion be protected under the Constitution of the United States. However, today, we stand in an unprecedented time where we must rally again to fight for the basic right to bodily autonomy. Justice Alito’s leaked draft opinion projected the Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and the Senate failed to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act -which would have enshrined abortion rights into law -and states have been emboldened to pass vicious bans that put women’s lives at risk. The leaders who are meant to serve the people no longer even try to hide that they prioritize party politics and spreading dangerous misinformation rather than protecting women and their health. Their attempted repeal of abortion care foreshadows a dystopian future that will target other civil rights and revive Jim Crow-era discrimination and oppression.   

We cannot let them reverse a half-century of progress towards equality for all. This Saturday, May 14, we call all NOW members, supporters, and partners to mobilize together for a Bans Off Our Bodies Day of Action. We must ensure the right to equitable reproductive healthcare throughout the country is protected, and it’s more important than ever to put boots on the ground to make our voices heard. Abortion rights are human rights and it’s time to remind our legislators and justices to keep their misogynistic and harmful #BansOffOurBodies.  

WHEN: Saturday, May 14th, 2022.  

WHERE: Multiple cities and times. To locate the closest event, search here.  

Note: If you are hosting or organizing a rally, register your event here.  

WHY: To send a strong message to Congress and the Supreme Court stating that their attacks against women’s bodily autonomy is unconstitutional and puts their lives in danger and that we refuse to allow them to politicize our basic human rights. 

HOW: Visit to learn more about the Bans Off Our Bodies Day of Action Reproductive Rallies and how to participate.  

We are stronger when we fight together. Let’s show them how powerful we really are.