For more than fifty years, NOW has been on the front lines of women’s history.  We’ve marched, we’ve organized, we’ve turned out the vote and we’ve resisted the most horrendous policies that have tried to turn back the clock on women’s rights.

In 1977, NOW participated in a march in support of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) that was dedicated to the memory of Alice Paul, the suffragist leader who encouraged the spread of feminist ideas all over the world.  We marched under the banner you see here—and we’re about to do it again!

We’ve taken this banner out of our archives and are getting it ready for this Saturday’s Women’s March (January 19, 2019). If you would like to join us under the banner, you can find out how to link up with us here.

It’s important for everyone who believes in equal rights and justice to be seen and be counted. The Women’s March is an opportunity for us to raise awareness of our mission, raise support for our cause, and raise our banner high.

I hope you can join us at the Women’s March in Washington, or wherever you will be standing in solidarity for equal rights for women.

For Women’s Lives and Happiness,

Toni Van Pelt