2021 is a new era – an era energized by a diverse coalition that came together to protect American democracy and fight back against bigotry and hate. The work that grassroots movement leaders have been doing on the ground for years set the infrastructure for our historic presidential win in 2020 and set the course to usher in transformational change on women’s rights. 

In NOW’s nearly 55-year history, we have celebrated our victories together and supported each other during our most significant setbacks. Change has never been easy. As we face the monumental task of pushing forward our intersectional feminist agenda, we also need to take a moment to reflect on our challenges and appreciate the community we have built together. 

NOW must live its values as an organization by supporting an intersectional feminist agenda and committing to diversity and equality. Join us for a town hall discussion with National NOW. We will take some time to talk about our year so far, celebrate our grassroots leaders’ victories, and talk about what we need to do to build an intersectional movement. 

Town hall Live Discussion: