If you’re tired of being bombarded by retouched pictures telling you how women should look, if you’re done with advertisers portraying women as objects to be consumed, if you’re ready to talk back, then join us.

Make a video telling the world why you’re embracing the real you. Help us spread the word, and you might even be featured on this website. (Video Submission Instructions) YOU are the expert. YOU know what it’s like to be a woman or girl in our looks-obsessed culture. So get talking!

Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn, author and plus-size Ford Model, talks about how: “committing myself, fully in my life, to finding happiness within has made all of the difference.”

Amy Lemons

Amy Lemons, a plus-size Ford Model, talks about getting past the pressure to be “perfect” and how much happier she became once she talked about it.

Kate Dillon

Kate Dillon, a plus-size Ford Model, talks about how deciding to “focus on my heart and my soul… was the beginning of recovery for me.”

Erin Matson

Erin Matson, former NOW Action Vice President and current Editor At Large for RH Reality Check , talks about her struggle to overcome anorexia and learn to love her body.

Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee,  Hyphen magazine publisher and co-founder of Thick Dumpling Skin, a body image blog, talks about the importance of emphasizing the love for ourselves and what we have to offer regardless of what we look like. You can also read her blog post,

Chenese Lewis

Chenese Lewis is an actress, plus-size model, radio host, and spokesperson for Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA). She is former president of Hollywood NOW and chairperson of their chapter’s Love Your Body Campaign.

Lynn Chen

Actress and The Actors Diet founder shares her past struggle with eating disorders.

Sunny Gold

Sunny Sea Gold is a writer and editor who is recovered from her own battle with binge eating disorder. She founded HealthyGirl.org in 2009 after realizing that there were very few comprehensive places online where girls who were dealing with emotional

Dr. Kayann Short’s Women’s Lit Course at CU-Boulder

From the creators: This collaborative digital story was created by the Spring 2011 Women’s Wellness service learning practicum of my “Coming of Age in Multicultural Women’s Literature” course at the University of Colorado-Boulder. We wanted to make a d