Women Deliver on Super Tuesday

The women’s vote carried Hillary Clinton to victory in delegate-rich states that will put her ahead in the ultimate delegate count. Her historic race has energized the gender gap, which is key because women make up the majority of voters in the general election. The gender gap, a significant margin among Hispanic voters, and confidence in her strength on the economy will all give Clinton a strong advantage against John McCain in November.

— Kim Gandy, President, National Organization for
Women (NOW) and chair of NOW PAC.

Women delivered big for Hillary Clinton in key Democratic states with the mother lode of delegates. After working for the women’s movement for over forty years I am ecstatic, because I believe women are on the verge of cracking the highest of glass ceilings. I am so sick of hearing that women are their own worst enemy — after these results, I hope that we have finally put this old saw to rest.

— Eleanor Smeal, Co-Chair of the NOW Advisory Board


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