When Armed Police Attack Unarmed Children, Adults Need To Speak Out

Another gut-wrenching video has been released showing unchecked police violence against unarmed–and in this case underaged–civilians. This time, it’s an off-duty officer in Anaheim, CA who was enraged when a young girl walked across his lawn. He responded by calling her a “C-word” and when a 13-year old boy came to her defense the policeman grabbed the boy by the throat and pulled him through his yard. When three other boys came to the 13-year old’s defense, the officer pulled out his gun and fired.

The LAPD arrested 13-year old Christian Dorscht and another minor involved in the initial confrontation, along with 22 others, including four minors, who gathered in the streets to protest the incident. The officer in question was not arrested but was removed from the field for three days, while the LAPD investigates the incident.

Not good enough. Law enforcement must not be allowed to tolerate police violence against unarmed civilians or give the appearance that they condone such behavior. The officer must be placed on leave immediately, and the young people he terrorized should receive adequate compensation for the officer’s recklessness.

Contact: M.E. Ficarra, press@now.org, 951-547-1241