Voters Won’t Forget Who Took Away Their Care

The U.S. Senate just voted to proceed on a death-dealing healthcare bill that will cost tens of thousands of women their lives each year. The senators who voted for this bill will be judged harshly by history–and NOW activists will make sure they are judged harshly by voters, as well.

Trumpcare would decimate Medicaid coverage and slash funding to Planned Parenthood. The lives of women of color will be particularly imperiled. All of this, so GOP leadership can deliver colossal tax breaks to the billionaires and corporations that support them.

The bill also makes health care inaccessible to people with pre-existing conditions–including women who have survived domestic violence, experienced postpartum depression, or undergone a cesarean section. Millions will be priced out of their health insurance–and thousands will lose lives.

This is literally a question of life and death.

The bill isn’t on Donald Trump’s desk yet–and NOW’s grassroots activists will keep fighting to make sure that it never gets there.

But that doesn’t change what happened on Capitol Hill today: our elected officials voted against providing life-saving treatment to millions of people in the United States. No matter what comes next, we will not forget the senators complicit in this massacre: like Shelley Moore Capito, Jeff Flake, Cory Gardner, Dean Heller, and Rob Portman. And NOW pledges to do everything in its power to vote every last one of them out of office.

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