Unite Against Hate – NOW Calls on Allies to Stand Up for Women of Color

Washington – – We are calling on the NOW grassroots movement and ally feminist organizations to join us in publicly denouncing all hate groups and activities.

As D.C. braces for the second “Unite the Right” rally taking place on August 11 and 12, we reiterate our continued commitment to ending racism and ethnic prejudice, promoting diversity, and advancing issues important to women of color.

The unfortunate events taking place at the nation’s capital this weekend promote white supremacy culture – the idea that white people and their thoughts, beliefs, and actions are superior to people of color and other diverse groups – and it is unacceptable.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, over 100 people have been killed or injured by perpetrators influenced by the so-called “alt-right” — making last year the most violent year for the movement. The organization of a radical right group this weekend is more severe than opposing political beliefs exercising their right to free speech and protest. “Unite the Right” is founded upon the social platform of a power structure where straight white Christian men are entitled to oppress and dehumanize other people based on their race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality. This group promotes and celebrates hate, violence, and an antiquated social hierarchy that has no place in our diverse, contemporary society. Resisting white supremacy means owning up to America’s history of racial violence and terrorism.

At NOW, we stand in love and solidarity with all those putting their voices, bodies, and freedoms on the line to denounce hate.

Contact: Brittany T. Oliver, comms@now.org, 202-628-8669