U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Pay Equity Marks First Win of 2023 Women’s World Cup

Statement by National NOW President Christian F. Nunes  

WASHINGTON, D.C. — I am so excited to enthusiastically cheer for our U.S. Women’s Soccer Team during the 2023 Women’s World Cup knowing these women athletes are being compensated at the same rate as the men’s team. Fans won’t have to chant for pay equity from the stands anymore.  

As NOW Members and I wish these soccer stars the best of luck for the tournament, I know other female athletes – and women across professions – still earn an average of 82% of what men earn.

Young women and girls watching the Women’s World Cup can take pride in knowing these courageous athletes stood up for what is right and earned their equal pay. I hope other sports organizations, companies, governments, and others signing paychecks will take note. 


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