Time Runs Out on Title X—Here Comes the Gag Rule

WASHINGTON, D.C.  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals must stop the Trump Administration from building chains around Planned Parenthood.  They want to padlock the truth about reproductive health care from people who are without insurance or who struggle to make ends meet by imposing a politically contrived gag rule on providers like Planned Parenthood.

Donald Trump is a misogynist bully, and he wants his government to reflect his image.  That’s why he’s directed HHS to force Title X grantees to withhold information about abortion care and give patients information about prenatal care instead. 

Conservatives love to malign the “nanny state,” but this is just one example of how Donald Trump is turning government into a bad babysitter.  They want to take away our choices and punish us out of malice—but we won’t let them treat us this way. 

NOW stands in solidarity with Planned Parenthood in opposing the gag rule. We call on the Senate to advance a spending bill that incorporates protective language around Title X. We must ensure millions of people can continue to access these vital health care services. 

Contact: Kimberly Hayes, Press Secretary, press@now.org, 202-570-4745