Thoughts and Prayers Are Never Enough and They’re Not Enough Today

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The white nationalist who killed twenty people in El Paso targeted more than innocent shoppers and families from both sides of the border. He was aiming to promote the racist, hateful views of a toxic online community that’s been emboldened by what they hear from Donald Trump and his enablers on cable news and online. 

Before committing his act of domestic terrorism, the Texas gunman made sure to explain his actions on an alt-right website.  

“If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can be more sustainable,” he wrote. “This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.” 

There’s not much daylight between these views and the open racism Donald Trump embraces against immigrants from Latin America at his rallies and on Twitter.  

NOW calls on Twitter to ban Donald Trump from the platform for violating its policies on hateful and abusive contentNOW also joins the call for Mitch McConnell to call the U.S Senate back in session to vote on meaningful gun control. Thoughts and prayers are never enough and they’re not enough today. We need action – NOW. 

Contact: Kimberly Hayes, Press Secretary,, 202-570-4745