The Senate Must Protect Our Freedom To Vote

The Senate Must Protect Our Freedom To Vote–Pass S.1, For The People Act 


WASHINGTON, D.C. — At 4:30 this morning, Sen. Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor to block a public debate on the S.1, For the People Act and two other necessary and popular reforms from starting.   

S.1, the For the People Act, is the most critical democracy reform in memory.  It would allow voters to cast their ballots freely, safely and equally, fix our broken campaign finance system and end extreme partisan gerrymandering.  It would ensure that our political system responds to the needs and priorities of the American people.   

More than 400 bills restricting voting rights are moving through 49 states, specifically designed to thwart the electoral process, disenfranchise voters and promote false claims of “voter fraud.” These actions are creating deliberate barriers meant to suppress the vote in Black and brown communities. 

8 in 10 Americans across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support the S.1, For the People Act. Still, Republicans in the Senate don’t want to discuss or debate. Instead, they want to silence our voices and block legislation that would protect our freedom to vote and make the promise of democracy real for all of us.   

NOW is encouraged by the united support of the Senate Democrats. Our leaders must now exercise their majority and take the necessary steps to remove the filibuster so we can immediately take up the S.1, For the People Act upon their return in September.  

Democracy can’t wait. 

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