Surrender of Predator Harvey Weinstein Is Another Step Towards Justice for Women

Hollywood producer and sexual predator Harvey Weinstein’s surrender to police on rape and sexual assault charges brings a tremendous sense of relief to women who need to know that law enforcement responds when they speak truth to power. Finally, the brave women who have come forward to name their abuser and share their personal stories – many of which were painful and graphic to recount – are being taken at their word. We continue to move one step closer to demanding justice for all survivors.

Enough is enough. Those who have launched the momentum of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have shown we are done protecting men who abuse their positions of power and we will not stop until this violent behavior is no longer tolerated in our society. We need to continue to listen to all women – whether they are Hollywood celebrities or domestic workers – who make the courageous decision to share their stories. The culture of silencing survivors is coming to an end.

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