Supreme Court Sides with Big Banks and Extremist Politicians Over 40 million Americans—But We Won’t Back Down!

Statement by National NOW President Christian F. Nunes 

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Another hour, another Supreme Court decision that hurts everyday Americans and perpetuates cycles of inequality, especially among women and those in marginalized communities.   

The Court’s decision blocking President Biden’s student debt relief plan bails out banks and billionaires instead of providing overdue relief from the crushing weight of student debt to 40 million Americans – 58 percent of whom are women.  

The most political Supreme Court in history has taken its most blatantly political step yet—overruling a policy they don’t like from a president they’re intent on blocking at every turn.  

NOW members know how important it is that we close the racial wealth gap, and addressing the student debt crisis is a vital first step.  We call on President Biden and Congress to find a way forward, to a future with equal access to education, and without the crushing burden of student debt. 

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