Supreme Court is Getting Ready to Hear a Direct Challenge to Roe v. Wade

Donald Trump picked three Supreme Court justices on the basis of one issue, and one issue alone—abortion.  He promised his followers justices who would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, and today, we have seen a decades-long anti-choice strategy play out. 

The Supreme Court’s announcement that it will hear a direct challenge to Roe vs. Wade is the most threatening violation of judicial precedent regarding abortion care in 50 years.  The Mississippi law banning abortion care after 15 weeks of pregnancy is just one of many laws designed to rob women of their bodily autonomy and access to reproductive healthcare.  

Lower courts have ruled that this Mississippi law is unconstitutional because Roe plainly forbids states from banning abortions before fetal viability. The court is sending a dangerous message by giving this case any attention because if this conservative-leaning court rules in favor of the Mississippi ban, Roe will surely fall.  If that happens, 24 states will follow laws that will automatically prohibit abortion care.  

NOW and our network of activists will work to mobilize to defend abortion care for all.  We know that restrictions to abortion access and care are part of a larger structural system of oppression and existential crisis that denies all women especially, Black, Indigenous, and women of color their rights. This is one of the most consequential cases to come before the Supreme Court in a generation, and we must be ready for it. 


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