Steve King is Only Part of The Problem

WASHINGTON, D.C.  There’s the bottom of the barrel, and then there’s Steve King. 

The Congressman from Iowa, who defended white supremacy, has now come out with a defense of rape and incest.   

It’s beyond obvious that Steve King has to resign his seat in politics, apologize to the people of Iowa and find something to do that doesn’t involve thinking, talking or being with other people. 

But Steve King isn’t the only Republican who repeats—or retweets—offensive, ignorant sexist and racist views.  His idiotic statements are part of a spectrum of intolerance, hate speech and bigotry that the House Republican Conference enables through its silence. This language damages the work being done to change our culture to one that respects women as equals and listens to their truths, their stories, their bodies. 

NOW calls on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to require House Republicans to attend gender and racial bias training conducted by independent experts and trainers.  

NOW would be happy to provide some recommendations.   

Contact: Kimberly Hayes, Press Secretary,, 202-570-4745