Senate Confirms Hilda Solis for U.S. Secretary of Labor

“Today’s vote by the U.S. Senate to confirm Hilda Solis as Secretary of Labor is a victory for all working women and families,” said NOW President Kim Gandy. “As a champion of worker’s rights and equality for women, Hilda Solis will return confidence to this cabinet agency that has for too long ignored our nation’s labor force.”

Solis will give new life to the core mission of the Department of Labor — fighting for fairness in the workplace and the rights of working people. NOW is especially pleased that, under Solis, the Women’s Bureau will once again collect and disseminate data on women workers and promote policies and programs that will provide women the tools to be successful, earn what they’re worth and be treated as equals on the job. Having a champion in Secretary Solis will ease the challenges that workers face as they balance the demands of caring for their families and contributing in the workplace.

Hilda Solis is a child of immigrant parents and comes from a union family. She knows what it is like to juggle the daunting task of raising a family and working to support that family. In her roles as a state and national legislator, Solis has fought hard for working women. She has stood up for poor women, battered women, underpaid women, women maintaining families as single mothers, and women with inadequate childcare and few workplace benefits.

Solis has helped raise the minimum wage, fought race and sex discrimination, worked to improve worker safety, and promoted job and retirement security for workers. She has marched with janitors and cleaning women, investigated sweatshops, fought to prosecute unethical employers and helped to pass California’s landmark anti-sweatshop law. President Obama named exactly the right person for this pivotal position. NOW salutes his choice and knows that Hilda Solis will bring about the positive change that was promised during the campaign.

Saludos a nuestra distinguida Secretaria Solis.

“NOW is looking forward to working together with you as we promote and applaud the dignity and worth of women who work — not just those who are salaried and earn wages, but those who are parents and caregivers and who deserve equal respect and economic recognition,” said Gandy.


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