NOW Salutes the Historic Choice of Kamala Harris as the Democratic Nominee for Vice President

Senator Kamala Harris is a feminist champion and is a bold, forward-thinking, progressive choice for vice president. The more women of color, like Senator Harris, that are in positions of power, making decisions – the better off women will be.  NOW’s grassroots members are ready to make history – and we can’t wait to see the first woman and first person of color elected as Vice President of The United States.   

Senator Harris knows first-hand the struggles women face and as Biden’s most trusted advisor – these issues will be top of mind when policies are made.  Senator Harris is a fierce advocate of women’s access to reproductive health care. She has called for a Department of Justice review of any state law that restricts a woman’s constitutional right to abortion. She will also stand up and address racial disparities in maternal health care.  She has pledged to close the so-called “Boyfriend Loophole” that allows dating partners convicted of domestic violence to buy guns. 

Senator Harris has proved throughout her career that she is dedicated to justice, equality, fairness, and the rule of law.  She prosecuted the case against Donald Trump in the Senate, on the campaign trail and in the media. As the vice-presidential nominee, she’ll peel off the bark and bluster of Donald Trump with surgical precision.  

NOW is fired up and ready to go as we mobilize the largest feminist grassroots force in the nation to get out the vote in November.  Kamala Harris is all in for women, and women are all in for Kamala Harris. 


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